POU Systems

All the water you can drink,
right under your counter

2 - Stage

Removes sediments, dust, sand, particles and rust, down to 5 microns & unpleasant chlorine tastes, odors, cloudiness and color

3 - Stage

Removes any residual color, tastes & odors plus compounding prefilters' efficiency and extending membrane's life 

4 - Stage

- R.O. Membrane -

0.0001 micron rejects up to 99% of contaminants up to 1000+

5 - Stage

Removes any possible residual tastes and odor from the tank. Improve taste.

Basic installation starting at $65



Save time and money not having to worry about putting out your bottles. Also reduce the amount of plastic  that gets used

No more bottles

We can connect a system directly to your existing plumbing and route the water line right into your own water cooler or fauset

Never run out

Fill up on water all day and all night. never having to worry about running out. 

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